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a sample chapter from the novel

World famous Canadian Science Fiction writer Mark A. Carter shares the sample chapter "Winter" from his novel Thea of the Seraphim.



Flora stood radiant and resplendent, adorned in a gold crown, red velvet gown with gold brocade, and golden sandals, atop a rolling Tuscan hill of Heaven. She looked long and hard upon the Little Kingdom, upon the even rows of grape vines, in autumn, pregnant with a cornucopia of fruit awaiting harvest, sloping down to the misty valley below. Soon it would be gone.

She who rejoiced in life itself and had walked naked through the fields of Heaven, in springtime, generating life from every footfall and with every touch, was bereft with sadness at what was to come. She stared down upon the black cape she held in her hands. Soon enough, she would cloak herself in the dark shroud and turn to stone, as part of God's plan.

"How goes it, Mother?" asked Thea, as she walked up to and stood shoulder to shoulder with Flora.

"It does not go well," said Flora, who by her very nature was incapable of lying. "Decimation and desolation are at hand."

"Surely, you jest," said Thea. "The sun has just risen. The mist will burn off by midmorning. The day is destined to be hot and sunny without a cloud in the sky."

Flora turned toward her daughter and looked her straight in the eyes.

"Harden yourself, my sweet Seraph, " said the Queen of Heaven, "for by the end of this day Paradise will be upturned like a clod of sod. These old grape vines that we view below us, with their sparse but precious berries, will perish, as will the generation who currently reside within the deific wombs of the Chorus. Angel will set upon Angel, and Seraph upon Seraph, in a Heaven divided. All will look upon you and your sisters to lead them in this place and time of deific insurrection."

"How can this be?" asked Thea.

"It is what it is, as He is that He is," said Flora.

"Even so?" asked Thea.

"Indeed," said Flora.

Thea gazed upon the magnificence that was her Mother. She would see her later in the day at the masque in the Crystal Palace. Thea knew, even then, that the Mother of Creation would take no part in the carnage that was to befall Heaven. She would step back, bow out of the equation, and let destiny unfold come what may. She would enshroud herself, turn to stone, and remain so until the dreaded visions she had foreseen had come and gone.

Flora was not escaping. She was stepping aside, as best she could and for as long as she could tolerate the isolation, to allow God's equation time to run its course. It was needed. It would be painful, and the results would come at great sacrifice, but it was in the best interest of Heaven that she do so.

The wagon of Heaven had been mired in the mud of somnambulism for a very long time. Now, everything was about to change, in the hope that the cycle of stagnation, in which Heaven was stuck, could be broken.

A cruel wind, the harbinger of things to come, blew in from the north. It perturbed the long, fiery-orange hair that the Mother of Creation and Thea shared. It cracked and destroyed the old wood of the vineyard. It swept along the valley. It surged up the Tuscan hills of Heaven, and it pounded against the heavy doors of the sacred room containing the Mandala of Creation.

Steel-gray stratus overcast obscured the cerulean sky of Heaven, and from the dark clouds snow flurries descended.

"It begins," said Flora, as she departed. "I take my leave of you, daughter. May destiny help us all."

And Heaven plunged into winter.

Thea of the Seraphim copyright © 2009 Mark A. Carter. All Rights Reserved.

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Thea of the Seraphim copyright © 2009 Mark A. Carter. All Rights Reserved.

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