Mark A. Carter

THANK YOU: Windsor Regional Hospital
and Hotel-Dieu Grace

World famous Canadian Science Fiction novelist Mark A. Carter comments on his December 2011 hospitalization and thanks everyone responsible for his recovery. The following is the complete reprinted acknowledgments from Tellusian Seed:



As fate would have it, I finished the rewrite of Tellusian Seed and particularly Chapter 26 - terminus from bed 8111B at Windsor Regional Hospital Metropolitan Campus where I was a patient from Dec. 7 through Dec. 20, 2011.

If I was to muse philosophically, I would say that, after the thrashing I gave the Devil in Hephzibah of Heaven, and in Thea of the Seraphim, and, to a lesser extent, in Tellusian Seed, the Dark Lord finally got his due and took my right big toe. On a practical level, I was there because I was already compromised by diabetes and a Staph A infection got the better of me. But to muse theologically, I would say that I was there because God wanted to make a point.

Good-bye hallux dextra.

God does not make mistakes. I fully believe that the entire misadventure with my infected toe was designed to get my attention. It was designed to get me into WRH-Met and to show me, since I see with better eyes than most, the error of my thinking. My opinion of mankind was, without a doubt, jaded when I wrote Hephzibah of Heaven. And that attitude has lingered. I believe that God, through his Messengers and through the humble bacteria that infected me, wanted me to see once again. He wanted to remind me that there are dedicated people who do great good in this world. I had forgotten. Even worse, I had become bitter. My world had become isolated and small. But now, I have been reminded. So, this experience is not about the destination. It isn't about the sacrifice of one great toe. It's about the journey. It's about balance and perspective. It's about seeing again. And I do.

There are so many people that I need to thank.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Niki Grady RN, Wound Care Nurse - Saint Elizabeth Health Care, for seeing the signs of my Cellulitis before anyone else, and for ringing the alarm bell so others would notice.

I would like to thank the following people at Windsor Regional Hospital Metropolitan Campus who helped me through my ordeal: Dr. Raphael Cheung, my Endocrinologist, jogger, and sweet man who, with his corny jokes, open heart, and kind soul raised my spirits at the outset of my hospital stay, gave me perspective, and kept me going; Dr. David Seski, Internal Medicine, a sweet, soft spoken man with a kind soul who shared a generous amount of his time with me to allay my fears, and to inform me that my condition would get worse before it got better; Dr. Corinna Quan, Infectious Diseases, Tecumseh Rd. Byng Clinic, a small package with an infectious smile containing a great mind, for the behind the scenes work she did to identify my bacterial infection; Dr. Saulivs John Kizis, Family Medicine, Call me Sal, a sweet, soft spoken man with a kind soul who watched over me as he flew past, with caduceus in hand, on the winged sandals of Hermes; Dr. Joseph Shaban, Endocrinologist, dapper dresser, gushing Science Fiction aficionado, and sweet guy for being my Angel standing guard over my diabetic numbers before, during, and after surgery; Dr. Samia Ghali, Radiologist, Nuclear Medicine, a stoic Egyptian Physician with a kind heart, for confirming that my infection was restricted solely to my right big toe; Eleanor Bardgett, RN, MClSc, Enterostomal Therapist, wound care nurse, a.k.a. the puss queen for her gentle touch, her bag of tricks, and her quiet wit; the four mushrooms of the X-Ray Department Special Procedures Room where my Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter was installed by Dr. Fareed Denath, Radiologist, a gentle man with quiet wit and interesting stories: Lisa Greenwood, X-Ray Technologist, Lisa Skieneh, X-Ray Technologist, you have to mention us Lisa Smith, X-Ray Technologist, and Rosie Simmons, X-Ray Technologist, with special thanks to two other mushrooms: Sonja Serafimovski, X-Ray Technologist, poster girl and princess and Geri Thrasher, Lead X-Ray technologist, the old hat and dinosaur of the Department; the girls of Nuclear Medicine: Michele (with one L) B., Senior Nuclear Medicine Technologist, for listening to my worries and for giving me precious words of encouragement; Lucy B., Nuclear Medicine Technologist, smile Lucy Jean C. Nuclear Medicine Technologist, who I must apologize to for abandoning my wheelchair after 5 and journeying up to 8 North on my own; Caroline C., Nuclear Medicine Technologist, for ever so sweetly removing blood from my tortured veins, extracting and irradiating my white blood cells, and injecting them back into me so that the extent of my infection could be mapped; and Sandy K., Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Don't call me ma'am.

A special place in my heart is reserved for Cheryl McLaughlin, X-Ray Porter and 30 year veteran, for her jovial disposition; Jules St. Martin, X-Ray Porter, exuberant personality and great guy, for the Patch Adams like shirts he wears to brighten the days of the patients he transports; Hugh Robson, RPN, transfer nurse, a deeply protective man with a goofy laugh who was the guardian of my medical pedigree and the Angel who watched over me on the journey from WRH-Met to Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital for surgery; and, Gerri Carey, RPN, transfer nurse, Grand Bend girl, free spirit, and a force of nature unto herself, for seeing me safely back to WRH-Met after surgery at Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital, and for giving me a big hug a week later when I finally left for home.

I would like to thank Alex, RN, in Emergency for her tenderness when I arrived by ambulance and was half out of my mind with fever.

I would like to thank the young nurses on 4 West who treated me like gold when I was at my most pathetic and vulnerable: Amy, RN, Hanna, RN, Istar (Izzy) Dahir, RN, and Mike, RN, and their Unit Manager Colette Clarke, RN, MScN, who, on two occasions, took all of the time in the world to speak with me.

I would also like to thank the nurses of 8 North who treated me with tender, loving care: Katie L., RN; Brenda M., RN who washed my back; Branka P., RN, a Serbian darling whose name means glorious defender; Nevis S. A., RN, whose name means snow; Tatiana I, RN, my caring and enthusiastic friend from Ukraine; Tanya, RN; Denise B., RN who showed me great kindness; Linda Y., RN, wonder girl; Trisha A., RN, a straight shooter who usually works on 5; Michelle B., RN, who looked after me like a caring mother with superwoman zeal looking after her own child; and, Shari C., RN, a sweet lady so suited to the profession of nursing that she glides on the breeze, and who counted my toes at the post-op unveiling of my right foot to make sure that only my big toe had been taken.

I would also like to thank Megan, RN, BSc, Housekeeper - 4 West, who hopes to one day be hired as a nurse, who stopped to talk with me for a few moments when I desperately needed to talk with someone; Terri-Lynn R., the Ride-On Automatic Scrubber pilot who kept my hallway on 8 North clean, and always had a smile for me; Linda P., Housekeeper, who daily dumped my trash and washed the floor around and beneath my bed at 8111B and always shared a kind word; Brenda Girard, Carbolizer, one of the dirtiest and most hazardous jobs in the hospital, for her words of encouragement, Don't cry or you'll make me cry too; the girls of At Your Request Room Service Dining who took my orders: Darlene D., Laura K., Linda J., Melissa T., Nina T., Ruth F., and Susan G., and the kind people who delivered meals to my bedside and collected my trays when I was finished; and Rocky Hebert of Care Medical Transportation Services for delivering me with TLC. You are all so appreciated.

Before I move on, I would like to thank David Mark Musyj, President and CEO of Windsor Regional Hospital for the ethos of Outstanding Care ­ No Exceptions that percolates his fine institution and the people who work there.

And I would like to extend a very special thank you to Dr. Carman M. Iannicello, Vascular Surgeon, master craftsman and humble doer at Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital, for squeezing me into his busy schedule on the last day of surgery before Christmas, and for amputating the diseased spring roll that my right big toe had become after the relentless tunneling of Staphylococcus aureus turned Cellulitis into Osteomyelitis.

To those caregivers at WRH-Met and to those at Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital that I have failed to mention by name because I was too fevered or drugged or unprepared to record you, mea maxima culpa. You have my deepest thanks.

I would be remiss if I didn't thank Calvin Little, Director, Centres for Seniors, Windsor, and staff, for helping Donna through this emotional ordeal and for sending me their best wishes; Erie St. Clair Community Care Access for providing me with medical supplies and medication; Saint Elizabeth Health Care for sending nurses to my home to administer intravenous Vancomycin, and to bandage my surgical wound; Amherstburg Pharma Plus for delivering my medication, pump, and IV supplies to my door; and, Emmanuel A., Pharmacist and Manager, Huda S., Pharmacist, and Carmella N., Pharmacy Assistant, at the Wadland Walker Rd. Pharmacy for their kind wishes.

When it comes to Donna, best friend, lover, and wife, my heart wells so deeply that words finally fail me, and I am overwhelmed by a deep, abiding, eternal flame.

I wish to thank the Messengers who refused to leave my side during my hospitalization. I am always humbled by your presence. And I thank you for your guidance, inspiration, and love.

Lastly, I wish to thank God for granting me the creativity, tenacity, and vision to fulfill a promise, for sending Messengers to watch over me during the process, and for making a point, at the expense of my hallux dextra, to remind me of the great good that some people do every day. I am grateful.

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NOTE: Kindle editions of Tellusian Seed are no longer available.

Tellusian Seed copyright © 2011 Mark A. Carter. All Rights Reserved.

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