Mark A. Carter

PRESS RELEASE: Blind author writes
Epic Mythpunk, Science Fiction novel

World famous Canadian Science Fiction novelist Mark A. Carter shares the Press Release for his Epic Mythpunk Science Fiction novel Hephzibah of Heaven.

South Detroit, March 18, 2009

Novelist Mark A. Carter, author of the Epic Mythpunk Science Fiction novel Hephzibah of Heaven, astounded the literary world by admitting that he wrote his first book while blind.

Housebound by blindness, and the painful recovery of a systemic E. Coli infection that almost killed him, Mark A. Carter wrote his 474 page Epic Mythpunk novel by hand, in the presence of Messengers, using a translucent, red, fountain pen. "Being legally blind does not mean you are totally blind," said Mr. Carter. "It just means you have to work with your nose two inches from the page."

It was while in the hallucinatory throes of pain medication to combat his severe illness that Mark A. Carter made a promise he simply had to keep. He promised God that he would write a book if the Almighty helped him recover. Mr. Carter is quoted as saying, "I am a bug that dreamed he was a man who promised God he would write a book."

The author cites the graceless times in which we live and the utter disbelief of so many people in God as the motivation behind the book, exceeding the maximum recommended daily dose of ASA as the means to emotionally open his brain, and music as the inspiration behind the three stories told in the novel.

The first story is a fictional version of Mark A. Carter's battle with illness and blindness. The second story is about the end of the world, the journey through space and time to reseed it with life, and the evolution of humanity from the corporeal to the ethereal. The third story is about Hephzibah, the namesake of the novel, who is herself a Seraph created to sing the praises of God, the mistake she makes for love at the time of the crucifixion, and the two thousand year punishment she receives.

Mark A. Carter's intelligently written Epic Mythpunk novel combines fantasy, historical fiction, and science fiction in an original concept that is an inspirational, lavishly romantic tear jerker and page turner destined to uplift its readers. Find out more about this Epic Mythpunk novel. Read: Book Review.

The First Edition - 5th Printing of the Epic Mythpunk novel Hephzibah of Heaven is available in Trade Paperback - ISBN: 9780981058566 for $19.99 US at the Mark A. Carter's official eStore at CreateSpace. You can also buy Hephzibah of Heaven at See below.

About the author: Mark A. Carter holds university degrees in Drama and Psychology, Education, and English Language and Literature, and lives within sight of Heaven, in the outskirts of Canada, and in the shadow of so-called civilization, with his wife.

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ISBN: 9781438276731
Trade Paperback - Matte finish
474 pages / 1.5 lbs.
$19.99 US

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