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BUG-EYED MONSTERS: conspiracy, and obesity epidemic

World famous Canadian Science Fiction novelist Mark A. Carter gives his two cents worth about bug-eyed monsters, government conspiracy, and the obesity epidemic.

Have you seen a bug-eyed monster lately? I saw one last night in The Thing from Another World, a Howard Hawkes film from 1951 with an unlikely scenario. In the film, a flying saucer crash lands, sinks, and is frozen beneath the ice of the north pole, and the U.S. military is sent to recover the craft and its alien occupant. The saucer is destroyed in the effort. But an alien entombed in a block of ice is recovered. And predictably, through human meddling, the ice melts and a hydrocephalic humanoid carrot is released; and, of course, goes on a senseless rampage for human blood. Give me a break. John W. Campbell, Jr., a Science Fiction writer and editor whom I respect greatly, should have been flogged for writing this very bad Science Fiction despite the fact that it has become a so-called classic.

Thing is an atrocious admixture of horror story, isolation paranoia, survival epic, and vampire flick complete with the mad scientist and the alien itself as a variation on Frankenstein's clumsy creature. The film is infused with the misguided belief, on the part of the scientist, that advanced alien technology means sociologically advanced aliens, which couldn't be farther from the truth; and, the equally misguided militaristic and xenophobic belief that the only good alien is a dead alien.

And, of course, after its spastic tantrum, the carrot is put down. Jerry-rigged human innovation and "good old boy" macho camaraderie win the day by incinerating the creature with electricity. Nikola Tesla would have been amazed. Julia Child would have been disappointed that the creature was overcooked. Mais c'est la vie. All that was missing was the kitchen sink.

But the movie got me thinking.


The Colossal Octopus (1801)

Pierre Denys de Monfort

Usually, when we talk about a bug-eyed monster or BEM in Science Fiction, we mean a creature from another world, a non-human entity with social mores that are alien to us and our way of thinking. But consider this: how are we to interact with aliens from space intelligently when we don't even understand ourselves. Men don't understand women and perhaps vice versa. Ethnic groups don't comprehend each other, at least not very well. And we hardly understand the other creatures on our planet. So, how are we supposed to understand a humanoid carrot from another world?

The only positive aspect of human beings, when it comes to interactions with aliens, is our compassion. But that flies out of the window when the military barges in and takes over. And they always do in these stories. The only thing they understand is control and force. And the only thing they are good at is breaking things. They literally shoot first and ask questions later. So, communication with aliens, particularly those who drop by for a visit, seems unlikely. I bring this up because three scenarios come to mind that involve aliens and us, in our current primitive state of physical, social, and technological evolution, and none of them bode well for human beings.

Look around you the next time you are out and about. If you can see past your own denial, and quite possibly your gut, you will notice that thin people are hard to find. Back in the sixties thin was in. It used to be the norm. The Beatles, see-through blouses, and Twiggy were the popular British rage. But I digress. And the fat person in the crowd used to be the exception. When I studied Physiology, I was taught that grotesquely obese people had a malfunctioning hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is an organelle in your brain that regulates hunger and thirst. Psychologists tested that theory. The hypothalamuses of test subjects, usually rats, were purposely destroyed. And obesity was the result. So, what has brought on the obesity epidemic that has descended upon North America and is encroaching on the rest of the globe? I have three theories. You decide which one you believe in. They are all motivated by profit, which should raise your neck hairs from the start because where money is involved, there can be no good. I will get to these theories in a bit.

For twenty years now I have felt the increase in world population, if only by a sense of larger demographic pressure in my remote neck of the woods. I have noted the published population figures. I have seen the dire predictions. Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison was published in 1966 warning of overpopulation, as was Stanford University Professor Paul R. Ehrlich's 1968 novel entitled The Population Bomb. In 1972, Ehrlich's book was made into the British film Z.P.G., which is shorthand for Zero Population Growth. China, the most populated country in the world, literally and responsibly implemented their own version of ZPG in 1978, with their One-Child policy that limited one child per household. It would be helpful if every country did. But human nature and politics being what they are, they haven't. So, something has to be done. Knowing that resources are already becoming scarce in an overpopulated world, and that a big die-off is imminent if we keep reproducing at our current rate, I have posed the question: What will world powers do to ensure human survival in the long run?

When the mule deer population gets out of hand in my locale, hunting season commences. And I have waited wondering when the "human cull" would begin. Moreover, I have pondered how it would be done. The two thousand nukes that have been tested over the past few decades might have been used to blow up the major cities in the world instead of merely causing global warming. It would have reduced the population, but destroyed our cities, polluted our food chain more than the testing already has, and generated a nuclear winter to boot. But except for a world-wide increase in cancer due to nuclear testing and a few choice accidents like Three Mile Island - 1979, Chernobyl - 1986, and Fukushima - 2011, we have dodged the bullet on that one, I hope. So, how else might we thin the human herd? My first thought was that the approach would be biochemical. But organic gases like VX nerve agent and physical gases like hydrogen cyanide, as seen in the Union Carbide - 1984 disaster in Bhopal, are too obvious and utterly unpredictable. And, as a global strategy, they are not effective enough.

My second thought was that the approach would be biological. Until now, I have been an avid advocate of yearly influenza shots. But no more. The Stargate SG-1 episode where, in an alternate time line, Earth joins the Aschen Confederation and the people of Earth receive a vaccine that gives them good health and doubles the human lifespan also brings with it an insidious side effect. And pharmaceuticals always have side effects. In this case, the inoculation was calculated and planned by the Aschens as a means to take over Earth without raising a ray gun. And within three years from the onset of inoculations, ninety percent of our population was sterile. Despite the dire threats of H1N1 and the like, I truly believe that there is something entirely insidious about our yearly influenza shots. And I won't even go into why the shots include monosodium glutamate and mercury. What are our own governments doing to us? And if you wish to dismiss the SG-1 story as merely Science Fiction, don't. In my own Master's thesis entitled, The Doomsday Theme in Science Fiction from 1981, one of my conclusions was that Science Fiction is predictive. And I still believe it.

Susan Cummings and Richard Kiel in The Twilight Zone: "To Serve Man" Copyright © 1962 Cayuga and CBS Productions.

My third thought was that there is a conspiracy afoot to fatten us to death, to make us obese, and to make us diabetic. As I said at the outset, look around you. It's hard to find a skinny person. Making us fat profits the investors in corn and wheat, the makers of Frankenfoods, as Mark Hyman calls them in The Blood Sugar Solution, and big Pharma. These Frankenfoods are palmed off as nutritious but they are poison. Government officials know this but their silence has been bought and paid for by big Pharma who is pocketing a fortune treating us for our Frankenfood related illnesses.

Everything that you have ever been taught about food is wrong. The advertisements on television are misinformation geared to keep you eating their corrupted products. And, as if that isn't enough, as if sugar addiction isn't bad enough, we are bombarded with multiple types of sugar at the same time, with excitotoxins, which are super sugars, until we can no longer taste ordinary table sugar. We have become sugar blind. Moreover, no matter what you call it, in all of its various names and misrepresentations, monosodium glutamate has been inserted into almost everything because it keeps us buying those products. Why? It is addictive and we have to keep buying every product it is in to get our fix. We have become excitotoxin, sugar, and MSG junkies. And we have to get off the band wagon, if we want to survive.

To paraphrase Mark Hyman: Because so much of the food we consume isn't really food at all, we are starving amid plenty. These manufactured and processed Frankenfoods are killing us and our children. For the first time, our children will not live as long as us. If the first thing you place in your grocery cart are fruit drinks and/or carbonated beverages, you have a big problem. If you buy bread, cookies, cakes, crackers, pies, pizzas, and the like, anything with gluten, anything that has been processed, you are in serious trouble. Even our dairy has been tainted. Avoid all dairy, gluten, and MSG. That means avoid ninety percent of the grocery store. My non-medical personal advice is this: Throw out every piece of Frankenfood in your kitchen. That means everything that has been manufactured or processed. It is all rife with MSG, even though it says it isn't, and sugars by diverse names that are designed to keep you addicted, fat, and unhealthy. Avoid anything with corn in it. That means corn fed whatever, corn starch, and glucose-fructose. And no more fast food. It is poison.

Read The Blood Sugar Solution by Doctor Hyman. Follow his instructions. And reclaim your health. It's a Frankenfood minefield out there, but this useful book will help you chart a safe course. And positive changes will occur so quickly that your head will spin. Yes, Virginia, Mark Hyman's approach actually works. And you will lose weight as a side-effect. Who would have thunk it?

I would suggest something a little more radical than merely going off gluten. Eat like a cave man. Go Paleodiabetic. It literally means "Stone Age diet." It is the way we are supposed to eat to be healthy. I call it the cave man diet because Paleodiabetic is a mouth full. You consume only berries and lean meat. And you drink only water. Personally, I also eat raw seeds, raw tree nuts, and low glycemic index fruit and vegetables. I supplement with vitamins, cook with Canola oil for its essential Omega 3, and drizzle Olive oil on salads for its essential Omega 6 fatty acid. I also drink coffee and ordinary tea, sometimes green tea, without dairy or sugar. I refer to my spin on the whole shebang as monkey food.

When I visit my aboriginal friends in the Australian outback, and walk the Great Desert near Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, we collect bunya nuts, quandong peaches, and kakadu plums by day. And we capture goanna, kangaroo, yabbies, and witchetty grubs as big as fingers. At night, we roast the meat and share the tucker among us. That is as Paleodiabetic as it gets. Sadly, like the indigenous First Nations of the Americas, most Aborigines today have been relocated to cities and have fallen prey to westernized food. And, like most of us, they have acquired the wheat bellies and the health maladies that go with it.

Without a doubt, big agriculture is in bed with big Pharma, the Food and Drug Administration, and physicians everywhere who have abandoned their Hippocratic Oath for a career money grab, and purposely keep their patients sick but on drugs to merely treat the symptoms of disease and to treat the symptoms of side effects, but not cure the disease. But if you look at most modern disease, inflammation is at its core. And what does Gluten do? It creates inflammation ... oh my.

The side effects of going Paleodiabetic or going less extreme with monkey food is that your bad cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, pain, and weight will drop effortlessly. And you will get healthy. It sounds too simple, doesn't it? But based on my own personal experience, and on the experience of friends and associates who have seen the light, tried it, and continue to be on it, this way of eating real food works. And we will never go back. Why would we?

Here is a frightening Science Fiction idea pertaining to the obesity epidemic. Perhaps we are being fattened like sheep for the slaughter. And if we are, the government is in on it. They have sold us out to aliens, as Chris Carter and Mark Snow suggest in The X-Files. But the idea goes back even further. For your edification, please consider "To Serve Man" episode 89 from Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone. It was written by Damon Knight, and was published first in the November 1950 issue of Galaxy. In Rod Serling's 1962 presentation, nine foot, hydrocephalic humanoids called Kanamits come to Earth, solve our woes, and give us their so-called Bible entitled To Serve Man. They offer to take us back to their alien Utopia aboard their flying saucers. And people line up voluntarily to make the journey, but at what cost? When the Kanamit book is translated, their true intentions are revealed. It is a cookbook. And we are the main course. Oops.

So, good luck. Get healthy. Eat Paleodiabetic. Lose weight. And make yourself unappetizing to bug-eyed monsters when they come here to harvest the sweetened fat people of planet Earth. Better yet, go less extreme. Eat a healthy Mediterranean diet. It's the best of both worlds.

It's funny how so many species here taste like chicken. Perhaps we taste like chicken to aliens. Now, that's a thought of the strange kind. But stranger still, perhaps the aliens are already here, Why else would the 509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman AFB have a Gray on its patch clutching a Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit stealth bomber with the nine planetary orbits of our solar system in the background? The 509th was tasked with dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and on Nagasaki in 1945. And, coincidentally, they were stationed at Roswell during the denied saucer crash of 1947.

Have I mentioned that I don't believe in coincidences? If the aliens aren't here already and in control, then the unofficial motto of the 509th makes no sense. It is: To Serve Man - Gustatus Similus Pullus or tastes like chicken.

To Serve Man

509th patch


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Now you know.

from the imagination of Mark A. Carter - novelist

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