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Always stylish fictional British book critic Mary Chanton Krater sat down with Canadian Science Fiction writer Mark A. Carter and, while sipping espresso, interviewed the flamboyant poète maudit about his Mythpunk Science Fiction novel: Thea of the Seraphim.

The War of Heaven, the War of Hell, and mandalas of change

MCK: I began my interview with you about Hephzibah of Heaven by asking you why you wrote the novel. So, why did you write Thea of the Seraphim?

CARTER: The triple ending in Hephzibah called for two if not three Mythpunk sequels. Thea is the prequel.

MCK: In a nut shell, what is Thea about?

CARTER: The novel is divided into two parts. The first is called the War of Heaven. The second is called the War of Hell. Each part involves Thea and her sister Seraphim that we see in the first book. I explore why Lucifera committed perfidy, why God suffers an eternity of guilt, and why Thea remains tormented until all is made right at the end of Hephzibah. We usually see evil corrupting people in stories concerning the Devil, but in the War of Hell I play with the idea of a young girl corrupting evil with goodness. As the back cover of the novel asks:

Who does Heaven send to fight battles descended to the Nether Realm where Angels dare not tread? It sends the living so that the minions of the Most Unclean will burn with hatred over a thing they cannot possess. It sends the innocent to corrupt evil with goodness. It sends little girls to do battle with dragons because only they outside of Heaven itself glow so brightly amid the darkness of the Perpetual Doom, once they accept their vital role in the deific drama.

MCK: Who do you see as a potential audience for Thea?

CARTER: It goes without saying that fans of Mythpunk and readers of Hephzibah specifically would want to read the prequel to find out how it all began. But the novel stands on its own, as well. I wanted to explain what came before we saw our heroes in Hephzibah of Heaven. Moreover, I wanted to explore the concept of Dream Warriors, you, me, your neighbors and co-workers, people all around us who fight evil while they sleep. Read the Foreword from Thea that I have included on this web site. It explains my motivation in greater detail. And it is true. It actually happened to my wife and to myself. Because we each experienced it, albeit twenty years apart, it got me thinking that perhaps there were many more people who had the dream and who fought the fight. The book was born out of that premise.

MCK: This second book in the Hephzibah trilogy by Canadian fantasy and science fiction novelist and theorist Mark A. Carter is once again a tear jerker and a page turner. If you are an avid reader of romances, you need to read this Mythpunk high romance novel. You will believe.

MCK: Before I depart this second time, would you answer one more question?


MCK: Excellent. Off hand, just from the titles, people could very well mistake your novels as religious books. How would you describe them?

CARTER: As far as I'm concerned, Hephzibah of Heaven, Thea of the Seraphim, and Tellusian Seed are SF: science fantasy, science fiction, speculative fantasy, or speculative fiction with elements of historical fiction, and religious fiction. But to be honest, I think of them as romances. But the current industry trend is to call this kind of stuff: Mythpunk. And I'm okay with that. What can I say? They are not religious books or books about religion although the heroes and heroines, the locales, and the names are from Christian religious mythos. Some people may interpret these books as religious. And that's fine. I was, in fact, inspired to write these books. But, they are Mythpunk. And I'm a speculative fiction novelist. Enough said.


End of Interview Two

Mary Chanton Krater: It has indeed been an honor to read and to review Thea of the Seraphim. And, as I have mentioned before, interviewing Mark A. Carter, who usually does not do interviews, was a great privilege. I recommend that you read Thea of the Seraphim. Thank you, sir.

AUTHOR BACKGROUND: Mark A. Carter holds a B.A. in Drama and Psychology, a B.Ed., an Honors B.A. in English, and an M.A., with thesis, in English Language and Literature. He lives in the outskirts of Canada and in the shadow of so-called civilization, with his wife Donna. As always, he wrote his novels by hand, in the presence of messengers, using his fabled translucent, red, fountain pen.

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