Mark A. Carter

HOPE in a Graceless Age

World famous Canadian Science Fiction writer Mark A. Carter gives his two cents worth about having hope in a graceless age when so many people don't believe in God.

People today believe in everything and in nothing. They believe in miracle cures and weight loss plans. They believe in acne remedies and in probiotic cultures. They believe in movie stars, politicians, and pop icons. They believe in super-heroes, werewolves, vampires, and zombies, and in the Devil.

But they don't believe in Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. That lack of belief was one of my motivations for writing my Mythpunk novel Hephzibah of Heaven. I wanted to inspire belief through Historical Fiction, by example, and by miracles. I wanted to remind them about God.

People, particularly young people, are more likely to believe in Werewolves and Vampires than in the Trinity. They are more likely to do evil than good. And they are more likely to get a tattoo than to wear a cross or ever set foot in a church. And that will be their undoing. And I'm not just speaking of our undoing as a culture beset by competition like the Muslims who are still avidly fighting a thousand year old crusade against Christendom. I'm not speaking about people firmly entrenched in a belief in science as the new religion. I'm speaking about young people who believe in nothing, for the most part, and are easily swayed by the evil influences that surround us all and pull us toward corruption.

When my granddaughter was six years old, I asked her whether she believed in God, and she said no. Before Christmas I asked her whether she believed in Santa Claus, and she also said 'no.' And when I pointed at the small nativity scene on my coffee table and asked her what it was, she didn't have a clue. Her father and mother have failed to provide her with any religious training whatever. Whereas, when I was that age I was dressed in my Sunday best and sent off to church every week.

Even though I received religious training, and I believe in God with all my heart and soul, I find it hard to resist the evil pull of television advertisements and a culture that is designed to corrupt us. But I do. I yell at the television. I catcall the ads. I question everything that is foisted on us as the truth. I resist. And I exert my ultimate right to turn off this "window onto the world," this "idiot's lantern," that we place in a revered position in our homes when it all gets too much.

I watch the weather, some movies, and a few TV series, mostly Science Fiction. But even that too is so full of guns it makes me shiver. There is just too much violence. The news is filled with mayhem and murder. "If it bleeds, it leads." The daily stock market report serves those who believe in gold and in the golden calf. And the continual political coverage only serves to falsely convince us that politics is the center of the universe. It is not. Those of us who can see through the delusion view politics as corruption, and politicians, who are lawyers for the most part, as the evil minions of the Devil. See Devil's Advocate.

My suggestion to those of you out there who don't know what to believe in is to believe in good over evil. That is a start. It is a basic fork in the road that will determine your fate. Do good on a daily basis. Go to church. It doesn't matter which one. Read the Holy Bible. Take it with a grain of salt. It is an ancient text. But it aims to bring out the good in people, and contains great wisdom. And believe in God He is someone very much greater than ourselves, our careers, our politicians, countries, planet, solar system, galaxy, or universe. He or She is the God of everything, the Supreme Being, the Master Architect. He is far greater than the Lycans or the Vampires of current films and TV dramas, or the Devil himself, even though the minions of the Devil would like to make us think that their master is as powerful. And don't think you can avoid the issue by believing in nothing. Fence sitting is just as much a sin as committing yourself to evil. Don't think you can sit on the fence and jump to the winning side when the time is right. Read your Holy Bible and see what shall become of you if you do.

If you currently think that there is no proof of God in our midst, consider this: DNA is a massive computer program written at the molecular level in purines and pyrimidines, and defines every form of life on Earth. It is within you, within every cell of your body. It makes you ... you. It makes you work. It allows you to live. And it allows you to read this rant and choose between evil or good.

Listen to the birds chirping around you every day. They are works of the creator too from a long line going back to the dinosaurs. Their existence, like ours, is a miracle, and proof that God exists. Marvel at every bush and tree in your midst for they have DNA in every cell too, and are a creation of God, who I believe personally to be the Master Designer. So take joy from bird song every morning. Thank God for his trees, for the shade they provide, and for the edible fruit some of them bear. Put out seeds to help the miniscule flying dinosaurs survive the winter. And plant a tree every spring.

Believe in God the Creator of all things. Be humble before God. Pray for others every day, not just for yourself, for every prayer is heard. And soon, with new eyes, you will see signs of his existence everywhere. And your life will take on new meaning.

Now you know.

from the imagination of Mark A. Carter - writer

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