Mark A. Carter

DOOMED: a sample chapter from HEPHZIBAH OF HEAVEN

World famous Canadian Science Fiction novelist Mark A. Carter presents a sample chapter from his novel Hephzibah of Heaven.



Lucifer, who was metamorphosed from Lucifera, walked the Pit amid his fallen, loyal minions. Written upon the face of the Father of Lies was seraphic frustration. A fire burned within his dark soul, fueled by anger, despair, and hubris. Lucifer's minions fell before him as he passed. They were inflicted with moral blindness, but less so. They sacrificed their souls unto him, for failing him.

As Lucifer walked his desolate domain of fire and ice, the four wings of six that once defined him as Seraph, wilted upon his shoulders, like rotting vegetation, and fell off. She who was female and beautiful once was now male and ugly, a physical manifestation of his utter spiritual corruption.

Behind the Lord of the Flies, as he walked amid the fire and through a blizzard of ice, was his iron pyrite namesake. It was frozen in the sky, a moment before it hit Earth. Lucifer had hanged himself by his own petard, when he sent the asteroid out of the Kuiper Belt to annihilate Earth, to defy Hephzibah with his last deific thought. Asteroid Lucifer was destined to plug the eternal stream falling from Heaven to Hell, as was written in God's Great Book. The asteroid was destined to seal the void and to lock the Dark Lord, within his dark Hell, for all time.

Lucifer walked through the snow storm, away from the asteroid. The inhabitants of the water world were his, at last. He had won their souls. Nine billion human souls were his. It was the price Heaven was willing to pay to end the conflict, to put an end to the ongoing War of Heaven.

To Lucifer, it was a bitter victory. As he walked the Pit, through the driving blizzard, lost humans prostrated themselves, amid the brimstone and the fire. They groveled upon their faces. Children raised their hands over their heads, in surrender. Old men sank upon their knees and accepted their destiny. Entire families bent their heads before him, in prayer. The Angel of Deceit, exerting his eternal right and in a perfunctory manner, wrenched the small, human souls from them all, as he passed. He never gave them another thought. The sickly, green reek of death cut above the fresh smell of snow and the sulfurous stench of brimstone, as the bloated, decimated, and heaped, human bodies were left to rot, in Hell, without burial, prayer, or remembrance.

Once upon an eternity, Lucifera's seraphic eyes reflected the deific image of Eternal God, and no one else. Now, Lucifer's eyes reflected the carnage of Heaven split and lost, Earth destroyed, and the endless fire, ice, and torment of the Pit. What once were eyes as brilliant as diamonds, were now dull, opaque, and weathered pieces of glass.

Brimstone scorched and hail whipped, as the Dark Seraph walked the confines of Hell. Like a jaguar trapped in a cage far too small, Lucifer's delusion of greatness and the hubris that fueled it, turned to insanity. His once ethereal, seraphic body had shriveled into a wingless serpent and from that into the horned and cloven-hoofed Beast itself.

Lucifer had won the souls of an entire planet, but at what price? Paradise was lost. All was lost. There was no victory celebration. There was no parade of the triumphant. There was only sadness at a challenge defeated, an eternal love lost, and a trust betrayed. With body scorched and soul burned beyond repair, Lucifer walked round and around his demolished kingdom of fire and ice, falling backward, springing forward, degenerating, regenerating, like a wheel spinning both ways at once, revolution without resolution, questioning where it all went wrong, and what he could have, should have, would have done to make it right.

Hephzibah of Heaven copyright © 2007 Mark A. Carter. All Rights Reserved.

ISBN: 9781438276731
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