Mark A. Carter


Inferno, and Nineteen Eighty-Four

World famous Canadian Science Fiction novelist Mark A. Carter rants about the political con and madness of man shown in the Sci-Fi of The Birds by Aristophanes, "The Inferno" from Dante's The Divine Comedy, and Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) by George Orwell.

Oh my ...

Do you like apples?

For those of you who read my rants on a regular basis, you know that I am setting you up with that question. So, let me get to the point. The focus of this rant, as the title suggests, is the supposed recent upswing in sales of George Orwell's 1949 Dystopian Science Fiction classic Nineteen Eighty-Four and the association that the liberal media is making between Big Brother and President Donald Trump. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Much like Virgil, the hero of "Inferno," the first part of Dante Alighieri's 1861-1868 epic The Divine Comedy, we are slowly awakening to the truth. When Virgil exits from his downward tour of the circles of Hell, he exits at Satan's waist and realizes that the underworld that he took for right-side up has actually been upside down as per Satan's head-first fall from Heaven. And, indeed, our world has been turned upside down during the perverse reign of Obama. And only since January 20, 2017 is it being put straight. So, hold onto your hat.

The usual suspects of the liberal propaganda machine, such as CNN, have recently published unsubstantiated reports of an increased demand for Nineteen Eighty-Four . But I find it doubtful that sales of Nineteen Eighty-Four are in an upswing. It has been in constant publication since its initial printing. In fact, when doing research for this rant, I discovered literally the same unsubstantiated story about an upswing in 2013.

Now that President Trump sits in the oval office, the doublespeak that Obama is famous for has been replaced with straight talk. The constant micro-wars that Obama is famous for, where no side wins except the money men and politicians who have invested in the machines of war, have been replaced with what has been called, after only two working days in power, the American Industrial Renaissance. And the false claims of the Obama-subjugated Environmental Protection Agency about global warming cum carbon emmissions cum climate change have been shut down.

Those of us who are in the know have been tormented for years by Obama's false claims of global warming with false data to back it up. Honest climate scientists have been silenced, their research has been redacted or rewritten to suit political ends, and they have had grant money withheld in order for Obama and his cronies to push forward the bad fiction of the global warming agenda for financial gain. They are all deeply invested in clean energy like solar and wind. In fact, Obama's pre and post Presidency net worth has jumped 438 per cent in a mere eight years from $1.3 million dollars to over $7 million dollars with possible lifetime earnings of over $100 million. Yep... ah ha. In Canada, our politicians are so bought into this green scam that they have phased out incandescent bulbs entirely. What a crock. They all talk about how carbon dioxide is warming the planet; whereas the carbon dioxide levels are insignificant compared to measurable levels in the distant past.

Nineteen Eighty-Four

by George Orwell

First Edition, 1949


Knowing (2009)

directed by Alex Proyas

© Escape Artists, Summit Ent.

What no one talks about is how the sun directly influences our weather. Just so you know, the sun is currently at solar minimum and is about to shift its magnetic poles. When it does shift, we will be plunged into a mini ice age. Coronal holes seen on the sun on a daily basis generate low pressure cells in our atmosphere more accurately called Earth-spots. And the influence of these coronal holes goes deeper than merely influencing the weather. They touch the lithosphere as well and cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. And sun spots, many larger than our entire planet, often eject plasma. And if one of these plasma ejections heads toward Earth, and is small enough, we see Aurora Borealis. Ah aren't they pretty. But if the plasma ejection is larger and faster, the electromagnetic pulse generated by it is capable of blowing our power grid. Thank God we have not yet had a major hit like the famous Carrington Event during Solar Cycle 10 from 1855-1867 also known as "The Solar Storm of 1859" that burned out telegraph service across North America and Europe. And I don't even want to talk about the plasma ejection cosmic kill shot depicted in the 2009 Sci-Fi film Knowing, directed by Alex Proyas. Yes Virginia, it could happen.

But, of course, the truth about the sun doesn't make anybody money. So, blame the weather on carbon dioxide. Do you realize that Obama's people went so far as to blame cow farts for part of the global warming debacle? Laws were even passed making it illegal for cows to fart. Now, to me, that is about as bat-shit crazy as you get. To read more about the sun's influence on our weather and on earthquakes, go to:

It was Obama's insane, upside down, Cloudcuckooland world, to borrow from the 414 B.C. drama The Birds by Aristophanes, and not the realistic world of President Trump, as the media would have us believe, which was reminiscent of Nineteen Eighty-Four. In the novel, everything is its opposite. Freedom is slavery. War is peace. And in Obama's mind everything was fine in America. Of course, as Obama saw it, America was no longer American. It was part of a global whole without borders. People were citizens of the world. What Cloudcuckooland was Obama living in?

It was Obama who opened America's doors, as they did in Europe. It was Obama who allowed in more than a million illegal migrants with their diseases and bent political viewpoints to burden the welfare system and illegally vote in elections. It was Obama who called these illegal migrants "dreamers." It was Obama who gave them refuge in sanctuary cities and on sanctuary college campuses. Right. Sure. You bet.

It was Obama who, looking through his rose-colored glasses, refused to acknowledge the crime, poverty, drugs, disease, and destruction all around him in America. To him, Donald Trump's slogan: "Make America great again," was nonsensical. Obama professed that America is already great. But even a blind man could see that it wasn't.

It was Obama who depressed Christianity and promoted Islam. It was Obama who sold out America to the Saudis. It was Obama who made us think that bombings were normal and that Hillary's misuse of an insecure e-mail server for top secret information was acceptable. And it was Obama who, when in doubt, distracted us from the truth by blaming Russian hacking. What about hackers within the Democratic Party hacking themselves? What about six year olds with computer savvy being able to hack Hillary's insecure e-mail server? Give me a break.

The Birds (414 B.C.)

by Aristophanes

At least he didn't blame Canada. Oh, right, he did. Obama blamed the Athabasca Tar Sands Project, the biggest money making industrial venture in Canada, as being a major cause of global warming. He even got that schmuck Trudeau on board. The people of Alberta had a fit with that one when Trudeau was there lately and told them that the Athabasca Tar Sands Project was going to be phased out. Thank God for President Trump who signed the Keystone pipeline deal on his second official day in office. It will keep the Tar Sands in business for years to come long after Trudeau has been tarred and feathered. And oh, why did Obama never sign the deal? Well, it's because he got money for not signing. He was in bed with Warren Buffet, who is heavily invested in the rail transport of oil. Need I say more?

Thank God there's a new sheriff in town. The world is right side up again after a hellish eight year hiatus. President Trump is a man of his word and does and says what he means. And we can finally wipe this insane Cloudcuckooland, and the ex-President and his demonic cohorts, off the bottom of our shoes. They are destined for the Dantean fourth circle of Hell where they will be weighed down for all eternity by their money bags. Ha.

So, how do you like "them" well-fertilized apples?

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