Mark A. Carter

Book Review by Mary Chanton Krater

Always stylish but usually conservative fictional British book critic Mary Chanton Krater has her say about Hephzibah of Heaven by world famous Canadian Science Fiction writer Mark A. Carter. Whereas, she usually butchers her literary prey, she actually likes what Mr. Carter has done. In and of itself, her approval speaks volumes.

In the Mythpunk novel Hephzibah of Heaven, Canadian author Mark A. Carter displays his inspired imagination in a combination of historical fiction, religious romance, and science fiction known as Mythpunk that will bring you to tears.

The book is about the special relationship that the Earth has with Heaven and Hell, and that we have with Angels and Demons. It is about destiny versus freedom of choice, hubris versus humility, sin and redemption, the rapture, and the end of the world at the hands of the Devil, in lieu of Armageddon denied.

The book is about Hephzibah of the Seraphim, her twin sister Lucifera, and the young God to whom they have each been betrothed. It is about the misstep Hephzibah makes for love, at the time of the crucifixion, and the two thousand year punishment she receives. It is about her battles with a sister punished by God and transformed, and her struggle to believe in Father, Son and Holy Ghost during a time when it is hard to conceive of anyone but Satan.

Mark A. Carter has said, "I am a bug who dreamed he was a man who promised God that he would write a book," and this author has written an inspirational book indeed.

In this graceless age in which we live, Hephzibah of Heaven provides a ray of hope. Yes, the end of the world occurs. Yes, those who have sold out to the Devil for fame and fortune, in Hollywood and in New York, go to Hell; whereas, those who have always believed, and those who repent, are given the rapture. But, that is just a small part of the stories that are told. In the background, the War of Heaven rages. The origin of Lucifer is revealed, and an emotional and psychological battle, lasting two millennia, occurs between Hephzibah and the Lord of Light.

The abuse of women, creation by intelligent design, eugenics, genetic manipulation, nuclear testing, and the right to die, are among several social issues that are addressed in this intriguing Mythpunk novel and High Romance that champions women.


Mark A. Carter's Mythpunk novel Hephzibah of Heaven is designed to rekindle our faith, and is told in three, interwoven stories.

The first story occurs in the present. It is about Gabriel, a struggling writer with a family history going back to Mary Magdalene Benjamin and the time of the crucifixion, who becomes gravely ill. While he hangs on the precipice, he is tempted by the tormented by Demons, visited by Seraphim, and promises God he will write a book for him if God helps him recover from his illness.

The second story begins in the near future and moves into the far future. It is about Shepherd and others aboard starship Noah who escape the end of the world, brought about by Lucifer and his asteroid namesake. It is about their four million year journey through space and time to establish a home in the future. It is about women evolving on a corporeal path toward the ethereal, toward becoming Homo angelicus, with the help of Heaven.

The third story starts two thousand years ago and moves to the present. It is the love story of Hephzibah and Jesus Christ. It begins with the crucifixion. It meshes with what is described in the Bible, but shows us more.

Hephzibah of Heaven a Mythpunk novel by Canadian Speculative Fiction novelist and literary theorist Mark A. Carter is a tear jerker and a page turner. If you are an avid reader of Romance, you need to read this High Romance. It will break your heart, and make it anew. And if your faith has been sleeping, it will reawaken. You will believe. - Mary Chanton Krater

Hephzibah of Heaven copyright © 2007 Mark A. Carter. All Rights Reserved.

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