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Paperback - back cover text

World famous Canadian Science Fiction novelist Mark A. Carter presents the back cover text from his novel Thea of the Seraphim.

"Let there be light," sneered Lucifera, as the Seraph dragged her golden sword across the eighth universe toward the center of the Mandala of Creation where God in his Heaven was defined. She stopped abruptly, summoned her strength, raised her fiery, golden sword over her head, and plunged it into the center of creation, into Heaven, and into God himself.

Thea of the Seraphim is the prequel to Hephzibah of Heaven. Discover how and why the War of Heaven begins, and your part in the War of Hell.

Who does Heaven send to fight battles descended to the Nether Realm where Angels dare not tread? It sends the living so that the minions of the Most Unclean will burn with hatred over a thing they cannot possess. It sends the innocent to corrupt evil with goodness. It sends little girls to do battle with dragons because only they outside of Heaven glow so brightly amid the darkness of the Perpetual Doom, once they accept their vital role in the deific drama.

This prequel to Hephzibah by Canadian Speculative Fiction novelist Mark A. Carter is once again a tear jerker and a page turner. If you are an avid reader of romances, you need to read this high romance.

You will believe. - Mary Chanton Krater

Read the original: Hephzibah of Heaven.
Read the sequel: Tellusian Seed.

The cover art is a reversed image of the painting Michael by Guido Reni. It was painted in 1636.

Made in the USA.
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ISBN: 9781440431593
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ISBN: 9780981058559
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Thea of the Seraphim copyright © 2009 Mark A. Carter. All Rights Reserved.
J'ai également traduit mon roman de science-fiction Thea du Séraphin en Français. Dieu nous aide tous. Il est disponible en poche. Cliquez ici.

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Thea du Séraphin

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