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Paperback - back cover text

World famous Canadian Science Fiction novelist Mark A. Carter presents the back cover text from his novel Tellusian Seed.

"Sisters," continued Eve, "on this bright, spring morning, we do great good. Today, we launch a thousand starships into space, each headed for a solar system we know to be inhabited by intelligent life. We go to spread the word of the Mother throughout the Milky Way. We journey forth to spread her words of love and of peace. Soon, a new day shall dawn across our galaxy."

... or not. Discover how no good deed goes unpunished.

Seed is the story of three Utera of the thousand that departed Tellus Mater on that special spring day on their journey to vastly different worlds among the stars. It is the story of Utera Davidos or Xuxa and the Gabrielican Sisters of Atonement who journeyed to the icy moon Lesta and were embraced with benevolence. It is the story of Utera Kutuzov or Misha and the Daughters of Tellus Mater who journeyed within her to the swamp planet Alterna and were confronted with ambivalence. And it is the story of Utera Lysanderos or Deesha and her precious cargo of missionaries who journeyed to the oil-rich desert planet Rancor and encountered malevolence.

Moreover, Seed is the story about the Daughters left behind on Mother Earth. It is a story about the birth of an Angel, about the miraculous creation of the first god outside of Heaven, and about God Almighty finally forgiving us all. It is a story about Tellus Mater becoming the center of the seventh universe. And, in the end, when all is said and done, it is ultimately the story about the merciful dissolution of the Chorus, God, and Paradise itself into the cobalt blue, Celestial Sea from which all things come and eventually go. And then ...

Tellusian Seed completes the Hephzibah Trilogy.
Read the original: Hephzibah of Heaven.
Read the prequel: Thea of the Seraphim.

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NEW:Tellusian Seed is now available in professional US trade hardcover binding with 100# full color gloss dust jacket, black and white interior ink on 50# cream paper, blue linen hardback with gold spine, and 192 pages for $37.95 USD.

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Tellusian Seed copyright © 2011 Mark A. Carter. All Rights Reserved.

J'ai également traduit mon roman de science-fiction Graine de Tellusian en Français. Dieu nous aide tous. Il est disponible en poche.Cliquez ici.

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