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HEPHZIBAH OF HEAVEN: Paperback - back cover text

World famous Canadian Science Fiction writer Mark A. Carter presents the back cover text from his novel Hephzibah of Heaven.

Hephzibah of Heaven by Canadian Science Fiction novelist Mark A. Carter is a tear jerker and a page turner telling the story of a Seraph who loves Christ, commits a crime for love during the Crucifixion, and is punished for two thousand years. It is about a writer fighting to recover from a chronic illness who is tempted by the Devil, and ends up writing a book that influences future generations. And it is about the end of the world, as we know it, and the new world that lies ahead. It is about the evolution of humankind from a corporeal to an ethereal path. It is about miracles. It is about belief. Mister Carter's lavish romance takes us from the Crucifixion, to the present, and from the near future to a future millions of years from now, and our destiny.

"I based the book on a short story that I wrote called, 'The Promise.' It was about a writer, tempted and tortured by the Devil, who promised God that he would write a book for him if God helped him recover from a chronic illness. When the story expanded to a novella, I thought of calling it Dialogues with the Devil because Lucifer was so prominent in the story. For the fun of it, keep track of the Devil's various names in the book.

When the story expanded to the size of a novel, and then an epic, I renamed it Hephzibah of Heaven because Sheba was the glue that held the three stories together."

Hephzibah of Heaven will break your heart and make it anew. And if your faith has been sleeping, it will reawaken. You will believe. If you are an avid reader of romances, you need to read this high romance. - Mary Chanton Krater

Hephzibah of Heaven is the first book of the Hephzibah Trilogy.
Read the prequel: Thea of the Seraphim.
Read the sequel: Tellusian Seed.

The cover art is a reversed image of La Danse by William-Adolphe Bouguereau painted in 1856.

Made in the USA.
US $19.99

ISBN: 9781438276731
Trade Paperback - Matte finish
474 pages / 1.5 lbs.
$19.99 US

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Hephzibah of Heaven copyright © 2007 Mark A. Carter. All Rights Reserved.

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Thea of the Seraphim
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Thea du Séraphin

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