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AUTHOR: writing novels with a translucent, red, fountain pen

World famous Canadian Science Fiction writer Mark A. Carter gives his two cents worth about himself. Right. Sure. You bet.

I hold a B.A. in Drama and Psychology, a B.Ed., an Honors B.A. in English, and an M.A., with thesis, in English Language and Literature. Although I'm the first to admit that I got my degrees the hard way by not reading most of the assigned texts, and by literally living the Animal House existence during my first three years at university, I did eventually pull myself up by my own boot straps.

Years later, in the "Afterword" to Hephzibah of Heaven, I wrote this, in way of apologizing for the grief I gave my teachers over the years:

  I owe an immense debt of gratitude to the English Literature Departments at Trent University, the University of Western Ontario, and the University of Windsor. When I was a young man, I did not appreciate the excellent education I was exposed to, but I do now. Somehow, even if by osmosis, I absorbed somewhat of an education. So, it is with bent knee and bowed head that I say, "Thank you," to my teachers and professors, and to the literary giants upon whose shoulders it has been my honor and privilege to stand.  

I live with Donna in the outskirts of Canada and in the shadow of so-called civilization otherwise known as South Detroit. I wrote Hephzibah of Heaven, Thea of the Seraphim, and Tellusian Seed by hand, using a translucent, red, fountain pen, in the presence of Messengers, or so I would like to believe.

It was my intention to retire the red, fountain pen after Hephzibah. Donna even bought me a modestly priced silver, fountain pen with which to write my next novel . But alas, the new pen was put in a tin box for safe keeping. And the second novel, the prequel to Hephzibah called Thea of the Seraphim, was written with the same old pen, as usual. I have now completed the third book of the Hephzibah Trilogy called Tellusian Seed with, you guessed it, the red, fountain pen.

Am I superstitious? The truth be told, I consider the translucent, red, fountain pen to be my good luck charm. And I have been known to say upon occasion: "You just can't get a good, reliable $7 fountain pen anymore." But I have assured Donna that when the red pen breaks, I will start using the $50 Sheaffer Prelude that she bought me. You can purchase one for yourself at  Amazon.

If you want a more lavish writing instrument, you can get it at Amazon too. They actually have a fountain pen on sale at over $1600. I'm not kidding. It's called the  Conway Stewart Elegance Plummage.  I should say so. If you have money to burn for that special writer in your life, by all means give this pen as a gift.

But I can asure you that if I was given a fountain pen that expensive, I would never use it under any circumstance, except perhaps to sign a galactic peace treaty. I would be afraid of dropping it, and a writer always eventually drops his pen. And here's a rhetorical question for you: "Does an expensive pen make you a better writer?"

Switching gears to computers, Yes, Virginia, after using Apple™ computers for twenty-five years, I have abandoned my ancient 350 MHz Blueberry iMac™ and AppleWorks™ for writing. What can I say? I got a great price on an HP Pavilion™ running Word 2010™ with a functional US dictionary. Plus, my local Mac dealer was an idiot. It always amazes me when a stupid salesman gives me gobbledegook technospeak, in this case Applespeak, that assumes I know less than him and will be baffled by his bullshit.


Let's put it this way: he didn't make a sale, and I will never return to his store. I think that says it all. My wife and I laughed all the way to the car. Sheesh. Nevertheless, I will continue to use my very old and slow iMac™ for web design until the hard drive fries once again. Then it's heave its heavy ass into the dumpster time, baby, and good bye CRT.

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