Mark A. Carter

ALIENS, Angels, and Roswell

World famous Canadian Science Fiction novelist Mark A. Carter writes about biblical aliens mistaken as Angels, close encounters, our place in the universe, and the Roswell crash.

The universe, unknown to 99% of humanity on this pale blue planet of ours, is vast beyond comprehension. I have to admit that I cannot fathom numbers larger than a hundred billion. The universe is filled with billions of galaxies, like the Milky Way, the galaxy in which we reside somewhere near the outer rim. Each galaxy has several hundred billion stars. Many of those stars have planets that are inhabited by life, and some of them by intelligent, space-faring aliens. Read: SETI and the Drake Equation for the calculation that scientists use to estimate intelligent alien life in our galaxy.

The only thing that separates any of us travelling to each other is distance and time, and the level of our technology. As long as we continue to play with rocket technlogy, we will never travel to the stars. We need something other. Perhaps, if the reports of alien visitation to Earth are true, aliens from wherever have journeyed here using technology that is indeed other, perhaps harnessing gravity. Perhaps, if reports of alien abductions and breeding experiments are true they have been altering us into something more evolved; and, if reports about the Roswell crash and alien retrieval are true, our techology has been advanced by alien help or by reverse engineering of recovered alien technology. God knows we human beings could use help in both areas.

Watch Close Encounters Of The Third Kind to experience a benign and wonderous first contact. See The Day the Earth Stood Still to receive a warning. To experience alien invasion, see Independence Day, Invaders from Mars, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Lifeforce, Predator, Signs, and War of The Worlds.

To watch a funny take the alien invasion film, see Mars Attacks! And to watch a film about aliens living and working in our midst, see Men in Black, and etc.

Is this an Angel?

Is it an alien?

Could it be both?

As for the question about Angels being aliens, they most definitely are. They are of a certain type, long lived, possessing powers beyond our comprehension, and a way of thinking that is not us. Let us not forget that Superman, as imagined by Jerry Siegel and Joel Shuster in their graphic novels by the same name, was an alien with superior powers. He was based on Overman or Übermensch, a term coined by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche in Thus Spoke Zarathustra. It is our hubris as human beings to think we are so advanced ethically, morally, and technologically when we are so uncivilized. Despite our blue pin-striped suits, our great technological achievement is either to use uranium to blow things up or to boil water. Big deal ... Compared to cave men, perhaps we are advanced. Compared to Angels, we are not. We have much to learn and far to go genetically if we are to evolve into something resembling Angels or baby Gods far in the future, as I imagine in Tellusian Seed, and as Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick imagined in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Learn about alien Angels in the Bible. Read: Close Encounters of the Sacred Kind.

In Hephzibah of Heaven, I refer to Heaven as an alien realm, and to the Trinity, and to the Chorus that inhabits Heaven as aliens. And I refer to evolved future man as Homo angelicus.

I believe that nothing unreal exists. So many people have believed in Angels and Gods and continue to believe in them, despite this graceless age in which we live, that they must be real. It is funny that we believe in the science fiction aliens we read about and view, but so many people are unwilling to believe in these older alien visitors and benefactors. We need to see with better eyes and bow our heads in veneration before something greater than ourselves.

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Now you know.

from the imagination of Mark A. Carter - novelist

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